Training Center

Employees should have the right aviation skills and knowledge to be able to run the business effectively and efficiently. ATS provides professional training and education needed to assure maximum return on aviation investment. ATS team organizes several training and education programs recognized from international aviation vendors. As well as ATS highly qualified trainers can deliver courses at clients’ premises. Custom-tailored programs are also available to ensure that clients only invest in education that matches their needs. Along with EASA Part-66 courses, ATS also provides EASA Part-147 Type Rating Courses:

✈Airbus A300-B2B4    GE CF6
✈Airbus A300-600     GE CF6 / PW 4000 / JT9D
✈Airbus A310   GE CF6 / PW 4000 / JT9D
✈Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 CFM56
✈Airbus A319/A320/A321 V2500
✈Airbus A330 RR Trent 700 / GE CF6 / PW 4000
✈Airbus A340-200/300  CFM56
✈Airbus A340-500/600  RR Trent 500
✈Boeing B737-300/400/500 CFM56
✈Boeing B737-600/700/800/900 CFM56
✈Boeing B747-200/300  RR RB211 / GE CF6 / JT9D
✈Boeing B747-400 PR RB211 / GE CF6 / PW 4000
✈Boeing B777-200/300  GE 90 / RR Trent 800
✈Boeing B737-3/4/500 (CFM56-3) to B737-6/7/8/900 (CFM56-7) DIFF
✈Boeing B757 (RR535E) to B767 (GE CF6-80 & PW4000)   DIFF
✈Airbus A300-600 (GE CF6, PW4000) to A310-2/300 (GE CF6, PW4000) DIFF
✈Airbus A318/19/20/21 (CFM56) to A319/20/21 (IAE V2500) DIFF
✈Airbus A330 (GE CF6 / PW4000 / RR Trent 500) to A340-2/300 (CFM56) DIFF