Spare Parts Solutions

ATS is a leading international supplier of aircraft parts and accessories in the aviation industry worldwide. Beside its inventory of spare parts lists for a variety of aircrafts such as: ATR, A310, A320 Family, A330,A340, A380, B737, B757, B767, B777 and others; ATS has direct access to many worldwide inventories of spare parts, sources that offer items in several condition and quantity. ATS sales team work hard to offer multiple choices whenever possible.

ATS qualified team understands the needs of their customers at home and abroad. Whether having to deal with an AOG requirement, an everyday order or a power plant with core return, ATS offers the best service possible for their clients within a very short time frame and with a very quick response. Our storage system and a 24/7 delivery services helps us to play part in reducing ground times to its minimum.
On the other hand, ATS partnership with ATELIERS BIGATA enables us to serve the region with integrated facilities of fire extinguishers, safety and oxygen systems’ MRO, which comply with the highest international standards.
We are proud of the fact that we are recognized by many well -known companies as their main approved supplier. Over the past few years we have further extended our markets from MENA region to all around the globe. ATS provides logistical support for a wide variety of commercial aircraft and rotor wing customers around the world.

Optimized inventory through an adapted approach

Based on customers’ individually changing requirements and the latest technical data, ATS is able to optimize operators' cost of holding, storing and reordering parts. Customer inventory levels are reviewed and optimized in order to minimize spares investment and enhance the overall on-shelf performance. ATS aims to keep customer stock levels at a minimum and thus saving on inventory ownership and management costs.

ATS Managed Inventory – Supply chain integration. Together

Order administration of expendable materials ties up resources that customers could use to enhance their core business activities: With ATS Managed Inventory (AMI), customer in scope materials are automatically replenished within agreed inventory levels. AMI automates customer’s standard procurement process and, by managing material replenishment on an efficient, automated basis, the service will significantly reduce the cost of ordering ATS material. ATS Managed Inventory uses the latest communication standards to transform customers’ material consumption data into physical replenishment shipments. AMI is a customized version of industry standard Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

ATS has storage facilities at Sharjah International Airport Saif Zone, fully equipped 3,500 square feet warehouse. As well as a fully equipped 4,600 square feet storage facility located in Jordan, Queen Alia International Airport Free Zone.

Both storage sites are capable of providing storage services to the following industries: Aircraft Spare Parts & Sensitive Items.

  • Valuable Items.
  • Temperature Controlled Goods & Medical Supplies.
  • Food & grocery.
  • Electronic & Electrical Appliances.
  • Petroleum products & Dangers Goods.
  • Others….

Our storage facilities and their contents are fully insured against any abnormal circumstances, with competitive storage rates.

ATS offers repair services for all rotable spare parts and tools with the capability and quality of a world class Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). As the single point of contact for spare parts repair, exchange, parts and tool lease services, customers benefit from guaranteed repair times and various commercial options that ensure the on-time completion of maintenance with lower overall costs.

With the ATS the repair support, exchange and lease offer, operators can minimize their investment in rotable inventory and its maintenance costs.

ATS understands that aircraft sitting on the ground costs money. Therefore, ATS first priority is to deliver the right part for customer’s aircraft faster than any other part suppliers.
All parts provided by ATS are certified by the relevant aviation authority to use on aircraft.